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(This page was last updated on 09/04/21)

Emails regarding general inquiries:

Mail Me


Note! The (at) and brackets in the email address line will need to be
changed for just the
@  sign

General Enquiries:

Chairman: Paul Robinson.
+44 (0)151 920 6857

Deputy Chairman John MacKenzie
+44 (0)1695 575655

All mail should now be sent to:
Please email for any address details

Please note! Until the club re-opens
we cant arrange guest bookings.

Our guests are chosen via the members suggestion box.
Any contacts to the club via email wishing a booking will be included in this box
and are picked by the club committee.


Tickets for any concerts hald at the Maghull Folk Club  are
available at the venue Box office on Tuesday evenings,
or call the above number for information plus for some
concerts they can be purchased on line at: 'We Got Tickets'.

Please use the above contact email for CD purchases as advertised on this site,
this will be forwarded on to the person selling the CD's.


If you have a charity folk concert / event within the Merseyside area
and you'd like it published on our web site notice board
please send details and any relevant poster.
Please note! We can only publish photos sent in jpeg or PNG format.

Junk e-mails won't be responded to.
Please do not ad me to Linkedin or any other similar network.

We are not responsible for any errors on publicity sent to us,  i.e.
 hard copies scanned, word or picture files that are published on this web site.
Any errors on publicity that we have miss typed will be promptly corrected.

We endeavor to keep all the information on this site up to date.

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