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(This page was updated  06/03/2022)

Emails regarding general enquires to:

Mail Me


Note: Change the (at) in to above address line to the @ sign

General enquiries. Phone/post:

Chair - Paul Robinson
+44 (0)151 920 6857


Mail publicity for the club should be sent to:
The MCA. C/o The Maghull Folk Club, 604 Green Lane, Maghull, L31 2JH
Any mail that doesn't fit into a standard letterbox
please contact us before posting.
Please don't send us any fryers above A5 size
unless requested.

Our guests are chosen from a suggestion box
and are picked accordingly by the committee
and office of the club.
We have all our guest chosen for 2024.
Please note, we are not at present looking for
guest booking for 2025.
Emails enquiries are included in the suggestion box.

Tickets for the concerts at the Maghull folk club can be
purchased in advance on the door the Tuesday evenings,
some guest concert tickets will be made available on the
'We Got Tickets' web site.

Junk mail won't be responded to.

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