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Latest updated 10/05/22
Music Commences at

Maghull Folk Club - Running order: 
3rd Floor singers - M.C. Paul Robinson
10th Floor singers - M.C.  Tommy Dewhurst
17th Ukraine night - Members &  floor singers - M.C.  John Mackenzie
24th Sing-a-round with Jill Fielding
31st Floor singers - M.C.  Bob Tyrer
7th Mini concert with the Pelican Babies + Floor singers - M.C.  John Mackenzie
14th Floor singers - M.C.  Gordon Mackenzie
21st Sing-a-round with Maria Weldon
28th Floor singers - M.C.  Bill Poland
5th Floor singers - M.C.   Ken Beamer
12th Mini concert with Old School + Floor singers - M.C. Paul Robinson
19th Sing-a-round with - Christine Fletcher
26th Floor singers - M.C. Simon Cousins

2022  Guests & Themes etc.
Most Big Spots / Mini concerts are during the second half of the evening
allowing for floor singers during the first part of the night
Most Tuesdays the club commences prompt at
Doors open at 7.30pm unless otherwise advertised *
Tuesday 17h May 2022 - 8pm

Ukraine night
Members perform + Floor singers

Donations to The Disasters & Emergency Committee - DEC

Admission: 2 includes a raffle ticket - also donations please.
Tuesday 7th June 2022 - 8pm

Mini Concert featuring

North West UK based Singer/songwriters Lea Nixon &
Mark Connelly perform Contemporary & Blues songs.
A new and very entertaining group on the UK folk scene.
Their first CD album is out now: The Pelican Babies group
name is named after their first song on the album which also
features the Didgeridoo to give an Australian flavour.

Admission: 2 includes a raffle ticket.

Tuesday 12th July 2022 - 8pm

Mini Concert featuring
OLD SCHOOL - Mark Miller & Neville Driver
Floor singers during the first half of the evening.

Wonderful singer and rhythm guitarist, Liverpool based Mark has preformed mainly solo for many years, originally performed with the group Selection Box, has also appeared solo on the Maghull Day of Music in the 90's; he also performed in the Phil Chisnall Band, and with the the Group Shaky Jake, his new venture is with Neville Driver who performs percussion and vocals, he too was also part of the group Shaky Jake.

Admission: 2 includes a raffle ticket.

Advanced Date
Tuesday 11h October  2022 - 8pm

Ruth & Ken Powell

Admission: 5. Tickets available

Advanced Date
Tuesday 1st November  2022 - 8pm


More guests to be announced

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