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Most Tuesday's are open to floor singers and commence at unless
Latest updated: 25/ 03/ 20

    [Guest Line up- 2020]

Maghull Folk Club - M.C. Host Running order:
March and onwards
The Club will be closed until further notice.
When UK government changes the social distancing rule
due to Covid-19 we like other clubs will have to stay closed.
Hopefully we will be able to get back up and running soon.

2020  Guests & Themes etc.
Most Big Spots or Mini concerts are during the second half of the evening
allowing for floor singers during the first part of the night
The below Spring & Summer concerts are now subject to change.

Tuesday 7th April -

Mini concert  featuring  THE LONG NIGHTS

Alan & Lynne Hempton were also semi finalists of the 2017
Folk North West singer / songwriter competition.
Now known as The Long Nights includes
Scottish fiddle player Mary Dougherty.


First half floor singers.

Admission. £1.
Floor singers during the first half.

Tuesday 19th May -


Northern Irish born folk singer / songwriter Anthony John Clark
is a well seasoned folk performer, well know in the UK and beyond. We look forward to his visit to Maghull.

Tickets £5.


Tuesday 2nd June -

Mini concert 
featuring SPLIT LEVEL -
Phil Chisnall & Lynne Stange.

Accompanied by Lynne Strange and her wonderful voice,
which makes an entertaining duo.

They perform contemporary songs.

Admission £1. Floor singers during the first half.

Tuesday 7th July -

Mini Spot with John Hill.

Singer / Songwriter John is a member of the
Maghull Folk Club he performs folk and contemporary numbers plus hs own self penned songs with his mellow voice in a relaxed style. He will be performing around a 35 minute spot during the second half of the evening.

Admission £1.
Advanced Dates

Tuesday 3rd November - 8pm

Mini Concert featuring

North West UK based Singer/songwriters Lea Nixon & Mark Connelly perform Contemporary & Blues songs.
A new and very entertaining group on the UK folk scene.

Admission £1.

Advanced Guest Dates:

Tues. October 13th - TOM LEWIS. (Tickets)

Tues. 3rd November - DAORÍ FARRELL. (Canceled)

More guests to be announced

 Further information re Floor singers evenings, Sing-a-rounds,
Big Spot, Mini Spot evenings and Mini Concerts:

Sing-a-rounds are were the chairs a placed in circle around the room
and people can perform their songs from where they're seated.

Other Tuesday’s
are floor singers with use of a P.A. unless stated.

Big Spots usually take place during the second half of the evening usually 45 minutes
or up to an hour allowing time for floor singers during the first half of the night.
Occasionally the guests can split their performance into two halves, 20 minutes in an first half
and around half an hour during the second half of the evening with the interval between.
Mini Spots are 20 minute to half an hour slots.

Mini concerts are similar to Big spots which are for the professional guests.
which may be allocated a little more time than the normal Big spot.

Singers, Musicians & Poets most welcome,
or if you don't sing or play, just come along and listen.
We're a friendly group and will be made most welcome.

We are  open on Tuesday's and commence around  8.00pm unless specified*
On floor singer and sing-a-round nights we have an interval around 9.15pm
and close the evening at 10.45pm.

We usually close during the Christmas and new year period if the dates land close to the
holiday, plus a few weeks during August. See above for these closures.

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