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 June / July / August - 2019

Most Tuesday's are open to floor singers and commence at 8.00pm unless
Latest updated: 29/ 05 / 19

    [Guest Line up]

Maghull Folk Club - Running order:
4th Floor Singers - M.C.  Maria Weldon
11th Floor Singers - M.C.  John Mackenzie
18th Floor Sing-a-round with Tony Hughes
25th Floor Singers - M.C.  Gordon Mackenzie
2nd Floor Singers - M.C.  Bob Tyrer
9th Floor Singers - M.C.  Jill Fielding
16th Sing-a-round with Christine & Edna
23th Floor Singers - M.C.  Tommy Dewhurst
30th Floor Singers - M.C.  Paul Robinson
6th Floor Singers - M.C.  Ken Beamer
13th Floor Singers M.C.  Bill Poland
20thClosed for summer break
Re open on September 3rd

Please note! The above host running order can be subject to change

2019  Guests & Themes etc.
Most Big Spots are during the second half of the evening
allowing for floor singers during the first part of the night

Tuesday 10th September - 8.00pm

Big Spot with MARK DOWDING

Pay on Door.  Admission 1.
Tuesday 1st October - 8.00pm

with special guest GERRY FFRENCH
Floor singers during the first half,
Ladies can be accompanied by males
during the floor singers half of the evening

Pay on Door.  Admission 1.

Tuesday 26th November - 8.00pm

Sue Bousefield & Liz Moore have been playing music together as
Scolds Bridle for more that 30 years.
Their considerable talents combine to create entertainment as its
highest level. Superb harmonies, dynamic presentation, quality performances and refreshingly different.
Scolds Bridle are a breath of fresh air.

Admission by ticket. 5.

Web site:  Scolds Bridle

 Further information re Floor singers evenings, Sing-a-rounds
and Big Spot evenings:

Sing-a-rounds are were the chairs a placed in circle around the room
and people can perform their songs from where they're seated.

Other Tuesday’s
are floor singers with use of a P.A. unless stated.

Big Spots usually take place during the second half of the evening
allowing time for floor singers during the first half of the night.
Occasionally the guests can be on the first half or have two
half hour spots during the evening with the interval between.

Singers, Musicians & Poets most welcome,
or if you don't sing or play, just come along and listen.
We're a friendly group.

We are  open on Tuesday's and commence around  8.00pm unless specified*
On floor singer and sing-a-round nights we have an interval around 9.15pm
and close the evening at 10.45pm.

We usually close during the Christmas and new year period
plus a few weeks during August.

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