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Below are some past and current residents & members of the Maghull Folk Club:

Paul Robinson
Chair & resident - Paul Robinson

John MacKenzie
Deputy Vice Chair
and resident - John Mackenzie

Resident Piper - Kenny Beamer

Bob Tyrer
Resident - Bob Tyrer

Tommy Dewhurst
Member - Tommy Dewhurst

Resident - Tony Hughes

Former resident: Christine Fletcher
& Edna Wild

'Second Time Around'

Gordon Mackenzie
Resident - Gordon Mackenzie

Willaim (Bill)l Poland
Resident - William (Bill) Poland

Resident - Simon Cousins

Resident - Ian McCartney

Paul Weldon & Mariar Forsyth
Residents' - Paul & Maria Weldon

Mark Hughes
Member - Mark Hughes

Tony & Kate
Hon' Member Tony Gibbons with Kate Bradbury

Former residents'  - Christopher Kelly & John Marshall

Former member - Roy Noon

 Former member - Graham Saggers

St Georges Folk Club 1973 before the days of the present Maghull Folk Club
Photo, in foreground: Christopher Kelly & John Marshall

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