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A few of the past members of the Maghull Folk Club
who are no longer with us, sadly missed.

Dave D
The Late - Dave Day.
Dave was the chair of the  folk club in
 80's and early 90s,
he was also the brainchild & chair of the
Maghull Day of Music.
Dave passed away on 14/3/1996
after loosing his battle with cancer.

Dave D & Dave B

The Late Dave Day with the Late Dave Bresnen

at the Hare & Hounds in the early 90's
Joe R
The  Late  - Joe Ryan.
He sadly passed away on the 05/03/2014.
Joe was the treasurer at the folk club
for many years, he was always on the door to welcome folk as they came into the room.
Joe was also chair of the club for two spells when he took over after Dave Day passed away.
Both are sadly missed.

The Late - Jane Day
Jane sadly passed away mid February 2019.
Jane took over as the directorship of the
Maghull Day of Music in the 90's after
 Dave's passing

George & Joan
The Late - George & Joan Gallimore
were regulars at the folk club,
they also featured on the Geoff  Speed
Folk programme on BBC Radio Merseyside.

Hear Joan & George singing - MP3

Hear  Joan singing solo - MP3

The Late - Vera Spencer.
She passed away on the 07/09/2013
Vera was s regular at the club,
such a wonderful singer,
she also appeared  at the Lymm folk club
for a guest spot.

The Late (Frances) Frank Fell

Sadly passed away on the 17/11/2023

Frank was a regular and resident of the Maghull folk club from the beginning of the clubs inception.
A wonderfully laid back singer/ guitarist.
He sang in his group Clover for may years which was made up of:  Ron Curtis, Bob Packwood (sadly no longer with us) and Christine Fletcher.
He later started  performing Blues songs,
and formed the group F.B.I. Blues which was
himself, Bob Packwood & Paul Robinson
Im' on Harmonica!

The  Late Bob Packwood

Sadly passed away in 2022

Bob was also a regular and resident at the
Maghull folk club from its early days,
Later he got together with Frank,
Ron & Christine and sang as the
group Clover for many years.
Besides performing folk and contemporary
songs he got into performing Blues Songs
joining with Frank & Paul.

This photo was taken at Frank's house in Southport
during our Monday night practice.

The Late - George Stratton

Hear George singing - MP3

The Late - Norman Wilson
Phil McGuinness
The Late - Phil McGuensess
Phil was an audience regular with his wife Maureen who still attends today.
Thanks to Maureen for the kind donation
towards the clubs P.A. equipment

The Late - Roy H.  Lanphier - Osborne
Passed away in November 2020.
Roy loved performing Bob Dylan, Blues and
the occasional comedy folk song.
We miss Roy and his performances at the club

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